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Holistic Speech-Language Therapy Services for Children and Families

Specializing in Myofunctional Therapy, Early Language Intervention,
& Speech Disorders

Pediatric Speech Therapy Services

Working toward a common goal, our speech-language therapy is designed to celebrate each child's unique personality, strengths, and abilities. In partnership with families, we provide evidence-based therapy to achieve lasting communication, academic, feeding, and social success. Click here to learn about our evaluations and therapy services.

A Child & Family Centered

Approach for Children with Language Disorders

We work with children as young as two years old to evaluate and treat expressive and receptive language disorders. 

Evidence-Based Therapy for Speech Disorders and Lisps

Assessment and individualized therapy for articulation disorders, including expert lisp remediation for children and teens.

Functional Assessment and Therapy for Tongue-Tie Release and More

Functional evaluations for adults and children to determine if there is an orofacial myofunctional disorder impacting breathing, mastication, palate development, speech, and/or swallowing.

Serving Clients in CA, FL, IL, TX, & WA! 
Located in the Austin, TX


Meet Rachel

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Rachel's mission as a therapist, teacher, and advocate, is to help children learn to find their voice in this world. In taking a strengths-based approach, Rachel utilizes each child's abilities as the stepping stone to teaching new skills. Rachel's empathetic and easy-going nature ensures her clients and their families take home positive energy, new skills, and a good feeling in their hearts when they leave her therapy sessions.

We are currently accepting new clients!

Pure Speech Pathology is licensed to provide speech therapy services in California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, and Washington. 

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