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The mission of Pure Speech Pathology is to provide evidence-based specialty speech therapy services to children and families in Florida, California, and Illinois. By providing our services online, we are able to serve more people and reach those who may not have access to a specialist in their area. Online therapy also offers a convenient option for families who are social distancing or those with busy schedules. 

Free Consultation

If you are concerned about whether online therapy is appropriate for your child, we offer a free 10-minute online consultation to demonstrate how teletherapy works and determine if it is a good fit for your child. 

Efficacy of Teletherapy

A recent study involving school-aged children demonstrated the children receiving online therapy made similar progress on goals as compared to children receiving in-person therapy. Review the study here.

Engaging Therapy

Using evidence-based therapy approaches, each session is specifically planned for your child to ensure they are actively engaged in the session and making progress on their goals.

An Enriching Experience

All of our teletherapy services are interactive and socially engaging, providing for a rich educational experience and higher quality screen time than typical TV or tablet use.

Happy Childhood
We are currently accepting new clients!

Pure Speech Pathology is licensed to provide speech therapy services in California, Florida, and Illinois. 

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